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Architectural Modifications

Modifications to a unit such as, but not limited to, replacing windows, front door, storm door, garage door, and vent through the roof must be approved before the work commences.

To gain approval the following must be submitted to Association Partners Inc along with a $25 administration fee

  1. Details plan of work*

  2. Architectural Modification Waiver

  3. Hold Harmless form

  4. Contractors' Proof of Insurance

  5. Send forms and a $25 administration fee to Association Partners Inc.

You can find the aforementioned forms for download below!

*Providing pictures will expedite review

If you have any questions, please contact the management company, Association Partners Inc.

Architectural Modification Waiver

Need to replace windows, front door, storm door, garage door etc? Fill out this form and the "Hold Harmless".

Hold Harmless

Supplementary form for the architectural modification  request.

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