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Ceiling Stability

When the units in the community were originally built, ceilings, particularly those in the second floor between the attic, were installed with nails and glue. Overtime, nails and glue have failed, which is why screws are used to secure ceilings in modern construction practices. Unfortunately, many units in Heritage Lake Estates still have nails and glue holding up their ceilings. Years ago, this issue was brought to the attention of the board after a ceiling collapsed. At that time, the association offered to inspect all ceilings should anyone have concerns.

So why is the Board posting this today if this issue happened years ago? In part due to the the recent roofing project and upgraded insulation, this issue is rearing is ugly head again. The additional insulation as required by the City of Wheaton is adding additional load onto some ceilings and another ceiling collapse occurred.

DO NOT PANIC! The majority of ceilings are secured and stable either due to inspection in the past or remodeling. Yet, the Board wanted to make this post to notify those now and in the future of this potential issue.

Somethings to look out for (not an exhaustive list but the most common signs of an issue):

  1. Cracks in the ceiling

  2. Nail pops

  3. Bowing

  4. Ceiling feeling "loose" if touched

If you are concerned about your ceiling, please reach out to the association management company, API, to coordinate an inspection. This continues the previous policy. The association will bear the cost of inspection and remediation. Remediation entails screwing the ceilings to properly secure them and a primer coat of paint. Final painting is homeowner responsibility.

Any questions, please reach out or attend the next Board of Directors meeting.

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