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Important Reminders!

Below is a list of important reminders and tidbits from issues that have come up recently in the community.

  • You CANNOT rent or lease your unit unless you bought before November 14th, 2007.

  • No destructive ball playing in the open areas is allowed. There are parks nearby that should be used for play.

  • Trash must be put inside of the dumpsters. Recently the cost of maintaining violators of this rule whether in the community or outside via illegal dumping has contributed to increase in HOA fees

  • If you own a dog, pick up it's poop!​

If you see a violation of any of the above, please notify Association Partners Inc with the violators address. You are our eyes and ears out there.

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Grass Seed in Summer and Salt in Winter

During summer months, grass seed is available in the clubhouse. You can stop by to get grass seed during the hours which the clubhouse is open for the pool (11 AM to 7 PM). This is provided by the association and is encouraged to be used!

During winter months, salt is available in the garbage corrals. If the salt bucket is empty, please contact Association Partners Inc. and we will get it refilled.


Due to non-compliance with recycling guidelines, recycling will no longer be offered. The lack of compliance was costing the association a large amount of extra garbage pickup fees due to the recycling not being able to be picked up due to contamination. Much of what members in the community thought they were recycling was actually going to a landfill due to non-compliant materials. The new recycling rules in recent years are rather stringent making compliance a must. Much of the United States recycling used to go to China. China has not been accepting the same levels of contaminated recycling as it would in the past. The Board is cognizant that many members of the community wish to recycle and are reviewing options that are cost effective.

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